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About my inactivity here and Isla PokéMoX 2

2015-09-04 18:33:28 by SiberianCrystAlx

I just have to say that I'm sorry a lot for my inactivity, I know that i said that I will return with a new nickname, and i did ^^', someones maybe know and others no.


 is my new nickname, I don't want remove the SiberianCrystAlx account because means many to me but I can't be here now, i know that i can't use two accounts so, starting today I will leave this account here is the reason that i show my new account , if someone wants to contact me is welcome =3 and now my last version of Isla PokéMox, enjoy! n_n

and yes... is the last time that i will change of account, the last time that i do that n_n/ greetings